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The New Zealand Gazette is the official newspaper of the New Zealand government. It is an authoritative journal of constitutional record and contains official commercial and government notifications that are required by legislation to be published.

Notices are published online continuously, from 9am–5pm on working days, and are freely available to the public.

Notices include business proceedings, bankruptcies, land notices, parliamentary notices, and notifications from government departments and agencies.

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The New Zealand Gazette is the longest-running publication in New Zealand and has its roots in the Oxford Gazette, which was first published in 1665 when King Charles II moved to Oxford to escape the plague in London. The Oxford Gazette was used to communicate matters of state to King Charles and his court, and later became the London Gazette. Many Commonwealth countries still have a gazette today.

In 1840, a number of gazette notices were published in Russell and Paihia. In 1841, the first New Zealand Government Gazette was published in Auckland by the Colonial Secretary. Early editions included appointments and proclamations such as the formation of the Executive and Legislative Councils. Today the New Zealand Gazette is published by the Department of Internal Affairs (formerly the Colonial Secretary’s Office).

For most of its 175 years, the New Zealand Gazette was printed in weekly editions every Thursday, with supplementary editions such as Customs, Professional and Trade Lists including the Valuers, Marriage and Civil Union Celebrants Registers, and special editions such as the New Year's and Queen’s Birthday Honours Lists.

On 20 October 2014 the printed edition was replaced by the official online version, which was published every Thursday. On 26 October 2017 the last weekly edition was published and the New Zealand Gazette began to publish notices continuously.